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Mamicon  syrup  are Research & manufactured by M/s Ujwala  ayurvedashram, The  award winning manufacturer. Ujwala ayurvedashram has got 1st prize as BEST ENTERPRENUR OF MAHARASHTRA FOR 2018.
Mamicon syrup is the best combination for new mother,this help to increase milk secretion. The level of milk secretion increases, milk become healthy and thick, this is helpfull for the overall growth of baby. As the quantity of milk feeding increases babies sleeping time improves because baby doesn’t feel  hungry every time. Because of all this baby became healthy- physically and mentally.

Features and Details:- 

  • ✅Mamicon syrup and capsule improves the quality of milk production for lactating mothers.
  • ✅Mother’s milk provides the best nutrition to babies. Mamicon syrup and capsules have the right amount of nutrients are easily digested and readily available
  • ✅Mamicon is a breast feeding supplement that is completely natural suited for long term consumption by mothers
  • ✅Mamicon is a natural agent with the purest of natural ingredients that promotes the production of breast milk without any side effects for the mother and the baby
  • ✅Mamicon brings in the goodness of natural ingredients like Shatavari, Vidarikand, Nagarmotha, Kapas and Safed Musali in a specialized formulation.
  • ✅Formulated with Ayurveda shastra and Aproved by FDA, Ministry of Ayush, Government of India.
  • ✅This herbal suppliment has no side effects and are made from natural ingredient and very safe for women.

Schedule of doses:-

  • Mamicon Syrup and Capsule take 2 time 2-2 Capsules and 10-15ml Syrup After meal by cap of the bottle


21 reviews for MAMICON SYRUP-200ml

  1. Prajakta kumare

    Mera c section hua tha after delivery bilkul bhi dudh nhi tha fir maine Mamicon syrup use kiya 4_5 din me hi milk increase hua thaks ujwala Ayurvedashram🙏🙏🙏

  2. Nayara pathan

    Meri first pragancy delivery hai,aur meri delivery hoke 3 month huye hai our muze 1month se hi dudh kam aa raha maine dudh badhane ke liye khup sari medicine try ki lakin koi aaram nahi milta tha ,maine meri chachi ko bataya aisa to unohone muze Amazon se mamicon syrup oder krke diya .fir maine use 3month use kiya lekin muze 15 din me hi dudh aana shuru ho gya tha ,pr ye 3month ka korse tha to maine 3month use kiya mamicon syrup ,bahut achha hai ye mamicon syrup dudh badhane ke liye our eska koi saide effects bhi nahi hai.

  3. Aeesha quazi

    aap white discharge ke liye whitocon syrup lijiye.aap amozon se oder kr skte hai, white discharge se mai bhi kafi pareshan fir maine meri didi ko btaya to usne muze amazon se ye whitocon syrup oder krke diya our maine ese 3month liya ab meri white discharge ki problem solve ho gyi .ye whitocon syrup bhut achha hai our eska koi side effects bhi nhi hai ye ek aayurvedik hai bahut achha hai

  4. daminikale892

    Ji meri delivery ko sirf ek month ho gya tha mera baby sirf 1month ka tha to muze corona ho gya mai mere bachhe se completely 1month dur rahi mai mere bachhe ko dudh kuch bhi nahi diya,our mera dudh pura ka pura sukh gya kuch smaz me nahi aa raha tha kya kru muze rona aa raha tha maine lactonic ghrenules liya koi fayda nahi huaa,mamicon syrup ke bare bahot kuch suna tha to maine unhi dr.se bat ki mamicon syrup se muze 15 din me hi achha result mila 3month use kiya and koi side effect nahi huaa amazon pe available hai mamicon syrup and aayurvedik hai,our aapko dudh kam ata hoga to aap bhi mamicon syrup hi lijiye 👍🏻

  5. Yasmin

    Kya mamicon syrup lete ve lactonic powder milk k saath le sakte hy plsss any one answer?

    • manas ukey

      Please contact us at 9767955885.

  6. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz154

    Meri c-section se delivery hui hai sirf 20 din hue the lekin milk nhi ata tha Dr.ke pass gyi to unone medicine di use bhi milk nhi bda bhut kuch ghrelu upay bhi ki lekin koi fayda nhi ho raha tha to maine ek din YouTube pe mamicon syrup ka video dekha uske reviews dekhe fir maine amazone se oder kiya muze 15 din me results dekhne ko mila 3month liya to mera pura milk aaya ye syrup aayurvedik hai koi side effects nahi hai’and effective product hai 👍 thanks for mamicon syrup ❤️..

  7. nv7779518

    Mera bachha 2months ka hai,our muze corona huaa hai 15din mai mere bachhe se dur rahi hu use dudh nahi de pai to uski vajah se mera milk kam ho gya hai tha ,to maine amazon se mamicon syrup liya 20din me hi mera milk badhna shuru ho gya and complit 3month me mera pura dudh badh aa gya our aayurvedik syrup hai koi side effects nahi hai….

  8. joyap6556

    Meri sister ke delivery ho ke 1 month huaa tha uska milk achank se ana band ho gya tha,usne muze esa btaya tha ki milk nhi aa raha to maine mamicon syrup ke bare me bhut kuch suna tha to maine meri sis ko mamicon syrup diya ,uska milk 15 din me hi aane lga ab sab kuch thik uska baby bhi srong hai, mamicon syrup Sahi me maa ka dudh badhane ke liye usefull hai,best product hai, aayurvedik hai koi side effects nhi hai, Amazon se mangwaya tha..

  9. giyarajain

    Mamicon syrup lene muze bhi kafi achha results mila hai…. muze bilkul bhi milk nhi aa raha tha,pura low ho gya tha maine kisi ki comments padke ,sach keh rahi hu muze 12 din se hi thoda thoda milk aane lga fir maine emandari se ese 2 month liya, sahi me mera milk badh gya.. Amazon pe available hai our koi side effects nahi hai.aayurvedik hai…..❤️ thanks for Mamicon syrup’😊…..🙏..

  10. shreyashrma089i

    Mamicon syrup liya to muze Brest milk increase huaa hai.jb meri feeding krti thi tb tk milk aata tha,our dobara feedin krti thi tb milk nahi ata pura breast milk khali ho jata tha,maine you tube pe mamicon syrup ka video dekha to maine ujewala ayurvedashram se mnvaliya 1month me muze milk aaya,ab jab bhi bache ko pilati uska pet bhar jata hai,koi side effects nhi huaa, aayurvedik hai syrup💯,

  11. Monika prajapat

    Bhaut hi effective syrup hai ye mujhe bhut kam aya th fir 15 din bad order ki 10 me dudh bad gya or 1 month me dudh bht jyada increase ho gya meri gudiya ko uper ka dudh nhi pilana padta hai

  12. sayyedsabai0987

    Meri delivery ko 15 din huee tbhi se mera Brest milk thoda thoda sa aa rha tha our ek din pura low ho gya milk hi nhi aa rha lactose powder liya, medicine 💊 li pr milk nhi aa rha tha maine mamicon syrup and mamicon capsule ke bare me suna ese milk badhega esa to continue 2month liya mera milk badh gaya our aayurvedik hai koi problem nahi huaa ese🤗.

  13. narayniraut978

    Meri delivery normal ho ke bhi Mera breast milk low ho raha tha kya kru smj nhi aa raha tha,meri bachhi ko bhi mera dudh nhi mil raha bhuki rahe jati ti maine lactose ghrenulus liya milk nhi badh raha fir maiine you tub pe mamicon syrup ka vidio dekha uske review bhi achhe the our 3 month ka course complete kiya achhe se milk aaya ab meri bachhi ka pet bhi bhrta hai roti bhi nhi our es syrup ka saide effects nhi huaa quky ye aayurvedik hai💯❤️

  14. abddultausif

    Meri begum ko kuch bhi breast milk nhi aata tha uski delivery ko 10 din huee the usi din hmne you tube pe mamicon syrup ka vedio dekha, to hmne uske result kafi achhe the, meri begum ne 3month ka course krke 1month jyada liya ese uska breast milk aaya bhut acha hai mamicon syrup koi saide effect nhi huaa our bahut effective product hai, ayurvedic tha🙏.

  15. nehaprakash556688

    C-section ki delivery ke baad muze Brest milk nhi tha lactation supplement le rahi thi pr thoda sa hi milk aaya, meri friend ne muze bataya mamicon syrup and mamicon capsule lo tb maine 20 din me hi dudh badhan suru hua,two month liya mera pura milk increase huaa ab mera baby boy hasta khelta raheta hai uska pet bhar jata to🙂 aayurvedik hai syrup our koi side effects nhi huaaa 💯no one mamicon syrup and mamicon capsule hai_______.

  16. Preeti Bhati (verified owner)

    It is amazing👍😍🤩 really good and worked with milk 🥛 also i order this 6 time bcz i like this product. This was very safe and no side effects. That was pure natural product. 👌

  17. Trisha chawla

    Meri first delivery ke baad muze breast milk increase nhi huaa hmne tbhi dr. Se dawai mangi Brest milk increase krne ki pr thoda thoda sa hi ata tha,20 din tk esa hi raha bad me band ho gaya,meri bachhi bhot roti thi uska pet hi nhi bhrata, breast milk increase kaise kru you tube pe dekh rahi thi tbhi maine kisi ki comment dekhi Mamicon syrup and Mamicon capsule ki,uske reviews bhi achhe the to maine 2 month liya ab complete breast milk increase huaa koi side effects nahi huaa aayurvedik hai best hai Mamicon syrup and Mamicon capsule

  18. Prince Gawande

    Meri waife ka breast milk increase huaa hai esse bhut hi effective raha hai🤗hmare baby ka pet bhi bhar jata hai ab sahi me bhot achha product hai ye😍 aayurvedik hai koi side effects nahi huaa 🤗

  19. Nisha kumari

    Meri 2nd delivery me mera breast milk dhire dhire low ho raha tha,lactose powder liya use bhi nhi bhr raha tha milk, meri sister ne bataya muze mamicon syrup and mamicon capsule to maine flipkart se oder kiya, our 4month liya bhot hi asardar hai ye jldi result mil gya muze koi side effects nhi huaa 💞ayurvedic hai. Ab meri bachhi bhi happy rahti hai

  20. Khushi

    Meri first delivery me hi Mera breast milk low ho gya tha to maine sirf mamicon syrup and mamicon capsule 💊liya esse mera breast milk increase huaa❤sahi me asardar hai our koi side effects nhi huaa, muze kafi achha result mila mamicon syrup and mamicon capsule.. Ayurvedic hai

  21. Lavnya rathod

    C section delivery ke bad dudh nhi huaa tb maine mamicon syrup and mamicon capsules use kiya mujhe 5 days me hi dudh aane laga,maine pura course kiya 2 mahine ka, ese mujhe our meri beti ko koi side effects nhi huaa,aayurvedik hai 😍best hai syrup and capsules

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