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Vitiligo Natural Treatment and Remedies for Relief

Vitiligo Natural Treatment and Remedies

Vitiligo is a prevalent body condition wherein the skin starts shedding its colour but Vitiligo natural treatment and ayurvedic remedies can help take care of it. 

Vitiligo is a lifelong condition with an exact unknown cause, the belief is that it is because of a virus or an autoimmune condition. Additionally, it is important to remove the complex of being sidelined with vitiligo. People often seek isolation and fall into depression owing to the skin complexes. But the true fact is that it is a normal condition with many remedies available that can help ease the situation.

What does having Vitiligo mean?

Vitiligo is a body disorder when the skin starts losing its color and patches are visible over the skin. These patches are very evident given some people have them in very visible portions such as the arms, legs, eyes, forehead, cheeks, and more. There are certain cases wherein the body loses its color and the entire body is filled with many huge pale patches. Many even start losing their natural colour of the hair. 

The ailment is not contagious as it is not caused due to any kind of infection rather it is due to body cells losing their pigment called melanin. The exact cause of why this loss happens hasn’t yet been identified. Usually, people below the age of 30 have Vitiligo. Since it is not a life-threatening situation, hence considering vitiligo cure home remedies is a safe and efficient method. 

Despite the basic cause, there are many types of vitiligo that have been seen among patients. Before moving onto any treatment it is important to understand the kind of vitiligo.

Universal Vitiligo

With Universal Vitiligo, the body color is shed off from all skin surfaces. The entire skin turns pale and white owing to the patches. 

Generalized Vitiligo

The most common symptom of generalized vitiligo is that the corresponding body portions develop patches simultaneously. 

Segmental Vitiligo

Usually this is more evident amongst young people and it progresses for a year or two and then is at halt forever. 

Acrofacial Vitiligo

In this condition the skin develops patches on hands and face along with body openings such as the ear, nose, and eyes. The entire body isn’t affected with vitiligo rather it’s just the facial outlook and visible body parts which lose the melanin pigment. 

Underlying causes of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is mostly a body disorder when the melanin pigment in the body cells drops down and thus creates patches over the skin. The same pigment gives our skin, hair and eyes the color they have. Millions of people have vitiligo before they turn 30 and thus is very common amongst the young. 


Vitiligo can be a hereditary condition as well that is, can be transferred from the parents. Certain genes in our body can increase the chance of getting vitiligo by a significant percentage. 

Autoimmune disorder

There’s a very strange process of autoimmune in the human body wherein it treats some of its cells as foreign and further destroys them. Same can be the case with the melanin cells and the immune system can kill them and hence the skin develops white patches due to the absence of melanin in the body.

Neural factors

Nerve ending in the skin can often be the location where toxic substances are released, which in turn can be harmful to melanocytes. This can become a key reason for certain areas to lose melanin. Often melanocytes can destroy themselves too because of an underlying defect. 

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Home Remedies Cure vitiligo fast naturally

Many ask this question about how to cure vitiligo fast naturally and the answer is by taking on steps like home remedies and a good diet. Vitiligo can be effectively treated with easy home remedies and the effects can be noticed in a month’s time. 

The natural remedies for vitiligo are recommended by ayurveda over the expensive and ineffective chemical treatments. The natural treatment for vitiligo includes the use of natural herbs, fruits, and other such elements. 

Oil Massage

A good massage on the affected area with vitamin E or olive oil can help gradually heal the skin. This is certainly good for keeping the skin away from formation of new patches and improving pigmentation.

Apply or drink Papaya

Papaya is good for health and has shown tremendous results in the treatment of vitiligo. It is to be applied on the vitiligo patches and rinsed when dry. Even better vitiligo natural cure is to have papaya’s juice regularly to make up for the loss of melanin from the body cells. 

Drink Ginger juice

Ginger is good for health otherwise and in the case of Vitiligo as well, for it increases blood flow to the white patches. Regular consumption of ginger juice will help over time. 

Mixture of Red Clay

Red Clay is quite rich in copper and has to be used along with ginger juice for the best results. A great way to reap the benefits is to apply the mixture of red clay and little ginger juice on the white patches as it improves blood circulation through them. 

Use basil leaves and lime

With anti-aging and anti-viral properties, basil leaves are one of the best home remedies for vitiligo. Add some lemon to the basil leaves and apply them gently on the patches for best results. 

Eat more walnuts

Easily accessible from the kitchen, Walnuts have impeccable benefits in ensuring a healthy skin. Having 4-5 walnuts each day is a good way to cure vitiligo patches. The other alternative is to make a thick paste out of the walnuts which can thus be applied on these patches since it reduces the white colour. 

Turmeric is the best

Turmeric for Vitiligo is the best treatment once can avail as it stimulates the melanin cells in the body to release their pigment. Turmeric Vitiligo treatment works best along with some mustard oil twice a day. 

Diet tips for ones with Vitiligo

There’s no specific diet for vitiligo prevention rather a balanced diet would do good with sufficient nutrients to boost immunity. A nutritious diet can help aid the natural cures for vitiligo that you could try along. 

  • Add some bananas, apples, chickpeas, leafy vegetables, figs, and some dates to your daily diet. This would provide the nutrients to keep the immune system healthy and sound. 
  • Nutrients like zinc, copper, Vitamin B9 and B12 should be included more in your diet. These can come from leafy greens, nuts, seeds, mushroom, dark chocolate and more.
  • Apart from the dietary habits, taking in enough water is also a way to keep distance from Vitiligo. 
  • Though everyone’s body is different and acts accordingly towards each food item, some foods like blueberries, citrus, coffee, fish and gooseberries should be avoided.
  • Alcohol and caffeine consumption must be cut down significantly to prevent vitiligo from either worsening or developing.  

Vitiligo Diet restrictions 

We all have a different body type and food can react in varied ways because of that. There are no food items which will worsen Vitiligo but evidence has suggested that avoiding a few can be helpful. Here is a list of food items that have been suggested to not be included in your diet if you have Vitiligo. 

  • Curd
  • Alcohol
  • Blueberries
  • Fish
  • Fruit Juice
  • Grapes
  • Pears
  • Tomatoes
  • Lemon
  • Orange

Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Vitiligo

Ayurveda states that the cause behind Vitiligo is Pitta Dosha which is why ideally any medicine that is helpful with that, is helpful with Vitiligo. Consumption of wrong food combinations can be one of the reasons. Any ayurvedic medicine hence focuses on proper nutrition. 

Some ayurvedic medicine formulas that have these herbs can be the best ones to treat Vitiligo:


Bakuchi is known for its effects on our digestive system, liver for removal of any kinds of toxins or impurities. Once these impurities have been removed, the white patches eventually reduce. It is a simple medicine curated by Ayurvedic knowledge but a very effective remedy. 

Manjishta Powder

Manjishta Powder is popular in ayurveda for its healing power and how it can remove the toxins from our body to balance the Pitta Dosha. Moreover, it is also helpful with healing any damaged tissue in our body, making it very effective as a medicine for Vitiligo. 


Q. What is the fastest way to cure Vitiligo?

A. Using turmeric with lemon for 15-20 minutes a day is the best and the fastest to cure vitiligo. 

Q. How long does Vitiligo take to spread?

A. Vitiligo is of various categories as listed above and hence the time it takes to spread varies with the type. Usually it spreads for a month or two except for the segmental vitiligo which spreads for around 6 months. 

Q. How do I know if my white patch is Vitiligo?

A. Check for the patches on your hands, feet, face , arms and legs as vitiligo begins with these regions. Also, people suffering from vitiligo pick up thyroid problems. All these symptoms can bring clarity. 

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