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Rumatol cap are Research & manufactured by M/s Ujwala  ayurvedashram, The  award winning manufacturer.Ujwala ayurvedashram has got 1st prize as BEST ENTERPRENUR OF MAHARASHTRA FOR 2018.
This product is approved by Food & Drug authority of India. It will be useful for all age group Male & female. This product is without any side effect. 100% natural & ayurvedic.Rumatol capsule  contains pure extract of Aairan root, Sonpath a root, Pithawan root , Tindhari niwdung, Nirgundi leaf & Hiranwell root. Because Rumatol capsule is a combination of pure herbal extract it is easily dissolved & absorb by the body giving quick result & relief.Useful in joint pain, back pain, muscle pain, osteoarthritis,  rheumatoid arthritis , low back pain , sport & shoulder injuries, sprains & strains, spondylosis  & neuro muscular condition. FOR BEST RESULT USE RUMATOL OIL WITH RUMATOL CAP

Features & Details:-

✅Help to Give relief from joint, knee & muscle pain.

✅Help to Improve joint function.

✅Rumatol capsule help to secret synovial fluid in the bone joints.

✅This will be helpfull for paralytic patient also.

✅Help as a lubricant to the joint.

✅Very helpful  in back pain.

Schedule of Doses :-  One has to take two cap each time after meal two times a day

NOTE– The doses are same for men and women both.


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