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 Assicon syrup are Research & manufactured by M/s Ujwala Ayurvedashram, The award winning manufacturer. Ujwala Ayurvedashram has got 1st prize as BEST ENTERPRENUR OF MAHARASHTRA FOR 2018. Take control of your allergies with Livcon Capsule and Assicon Syrup. Our unique formula supports your body’s natural defence against allergy flare-ups, providing quick relief from hyperacidity and fatty liver problems with long-term benefits.

Features and Details:-

Single solution for your Allergies :- Assicon syrup and Livcon Capsule is the perfect solution for URTICARIA and HIVES complete relief against all types of allergies.

Quick relief from Acidity :- Bhringraj, Bhuiamla, Kutki, Chiraota and Guduchi included in Acidity Relief are known to provide quick and long-lasting relief from acidity.

Improve digestive health :- Assicon Syrup and Livcon Capsule it reduce incompletes digestion, stops gas formation & corrects appetite key herbs supports digestive enzymes to protect and maintain digestive health.

No side effects :- 100% vegetarian product with all-natural ingredients that provides long-lasting relief from acidity with no side effects.

Treats fatty liver :- Natural ingredients Bhuiamla, Kutki reduce fat accumulation in liver cells to treat fatty liver.

Promote liver detox :- Antioxidant properties help cleanse and detoxify the liver for improved liver health.


  • Livcon Capsule 2 times 2-2 Capsule before each meal
  • Assicon Syrup after meal 10ml by the cap of the bottle.


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