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Livcon Syrup and Assicon syrup Are Research & Manufactured By M/S Ujwala Ayurvedashram, The Award Winning Manufacturer Ujwala Ayurvedashram Has Got 1St Prize As Best Entrepreneur Of Maharashtra For 2018.

Features & Details:-

✅Livcon syrup and Assicon Syrup is a combination medicine used to treat loss of appetite. It is an effective appetite stimulant.

✅Assicon Syrup it helps in incompletes digestion, stops gas formation & corrects appetite.

✅Livcon Syrup helps in building new muscle and developing the ruptured muscle.

✅The key ingredient of the Assicon syrup is Bhringraj which acts as good appetizer due to its Ushna (hot), Deepan (appetizer) and Pachan (digestion) properties.

✅The key ingredient of the Livcon syrup is Bhuiamala which helps in managing liver disorders and reverses any damage caused to the liver due to its hepatoprotective, antioxidant and antiviral activities.

✅Its helps Athletes and individuals with more muscle need to maintain their higher muscle mass.

✅Boost the formation of Carbohydrates which supply bodybuilders with the required energy that is very helpful for an intense workout.

✅Helps to increase blood flow by relaxing the inner muscle of your blood vessels causing them to widen. This effect will give you added energy and endurance.

Schedule of doses:-

  • Livcon Syrup before each meal 10ml by the cap of the bottle
  • Assicon Syrup after each meal 10ml by the cap of the bottle



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