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Bet capsule are research & manufactured by M/s Ujwala Ayurvedashram , The Award winning manufacturer. Ujwala ayurvedashram has got  1st prize as BEST ENTERPRENUR OF MAHARASHTRA FOR 2018Bet capsule is an ayurvedic medicine for diabetic patients.

What is Diabetis?
The person who is suffering from diabetes has an increased level of blood sugar in their body compared to a normal person. This happens with him because, the site of insulin production in his body is failure.

Pharmacological  Action of Bet Capsule :-
When we take food, a part of it is converted into energy and the remaining is converted into the glucose. The glucose Is nothing but the storage of energy when there is no food in stomach To convert glucose into energy insulin is required.
But the site of insulin production in a Diabetic patient is a failure and because of this the Glucose is not converted into energy and the level of blood sugar is increased.The product BET help to regenerates the pancreatic cell which is site of insulin production. After using this product all insulin productive cell are regenerated & insulin production  inside the body starts.This way it it help to control sugar level in the diabetic patient and gives relief.

Features and Details:-

✅EFFECTIVE IN BLOOD SUGAR CARE :- Our Diabetic Supplement is packed with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs. Helps you to manage Blood Sugar & get better control of Sugar. Manage Sugar by balancing your body’s insulin production and controls Pancreatic disorder.

✅NATURAL INGREDIENTS:- Bet capsule are diabetes care capsules with natural ayurvedic ingredients like Karela, Methi, Neem, Jamun, and Gudmar powder are known for their properties to manage and cure diabetes without any side effects.

✅CONTROL BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL :- Bet capsule contains natural ingredients such as Gudmar powder which is considered to be an effective ingredient for controlling blood sugar levels and enhancing the quality of life.

✅MAINTAIN HEALTHY INSULINE LEVEL:- All the herbal ingredients packed in the capsule aid and promotes the pancreatic secretion of insulin, thereby maintaining the normal amount of glucose in the blood.

Schedule Of Doses :-

  •     Bet has to be taken twice a day 15-20 min. Before meals. Each time one has to take two capsule.

NOTE– The doses are same for men and women.


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