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Best Natural Remedies for Liver Repair

Best Herbs for Liver Repair

Normal functioning of the body includes a healthy functioning liver, given our system is dependent on it for detoxification. All the impurities and toxins in our body pass through the liver and eventually out of the body as waste. Often these toxins can lead to liver damage and the need for the best herbs for liver repair. 

These toxins can come from substances like alcohol or from the food we consume. A lot of times exercising or exposure to sunlight or drugs can cause chain reactions that can damage the liver. 

In simple terms, the more processed food, alcohol or anything that generates toxins in the body will put more pressure on the liver. This will lead to scarring of the tissue, meaning a less than healthy functioning liver.  

To spot liver damage the most common symptoms are headaches, regular fatigue and a weak immune system. The idea is to not live a toxin-free life but support the organ with ideal supplements in order to achieve overall good health. 

Common liver diseases & What cause them

Alcohol is often termed as one of the key causes behind liver diseases although there are various other factors that cause ailments like fatty liver disease, cirrhosis and more. Some of the most commonly seen liver conditions have been listed here.

1. Fatty liver disease

The cause behind this particular liver condition can be excess consumption of alcohol or otherwise. Other reasons are still not clear to experts yet but both causes lead to fat build up in the liver, leading to its improper function. 

Ayurvedic herbs for fatty liver are helpful in treatment over time while a good diet and lifestyle changes can support chances of improvement. 

2. Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

Damage to bile ducts can lead to bile build-up, not allowing the bile to pass through. A very common symptom of bile build-up is the yellow color of the skin, often indicating jaundice as well. If not treated with the right liver cleansing herbs this condition can lead to liver failure as well. 

3. Cirrhosis

Scarring of the liver tissue due to excess consumption of alcohol or any other reason is known as Cirrhosis. Our liver is capable of dealing with an extent of the damage but when scarred tissue continues to develop, the smooth function becomes difficult. It is best to deal with the damage at an early stage through medication or ayurvedic herbs for the liver. 

4. Liver cancer

Cancer develops in the liver when it has gone through excess damage or after an untreated liver disease. Liver diseases that haven’t been treated well or have escalated can also lead to cancer eventually. If the complications from any of these are dealt with at the right time, such a condition can be avoided. 

What does Ayurveda say about Liver diseases?

Damage to the liver can be reduced with the help of Ayurveda especially when non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is something you are dealing with. Herbal plants for liver can be suggested by Ayurveda to limit the damage and recover in due time. 

Ayurveda also suggests that anything that is fiery in nature can harm the liver. Some examples of such substances are caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, processed or packaged food and more. Liver being a fiery organ can get aggravated due to regular consumption of these substances. 

Hence, cooling herbs for liver disease, like aloe vera or bitter foods can be good for detox. Ayurvedic medicines focussing on liver diseases also use bitter-tasting herbs as key ingredients. A detox from time to time is essential to maintain good liver health. 

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Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Liver Detox

Liver cleansing herbs can be helpful in treating liver diseases at an early stage or just poor liver health by aiding with detox. Some of the best herbs that have also been recommended by Ayurveda have been listed. Most of them can be easily found at home and incorporated with your daily habits. 

1. Sugarcane


Benefits: Ayurveda strongly recommends sugarcane for its antioxidants and its healing properties that can treat jaundice. Moreover, it can strengthen and protect your liver from various infections. 

How to use: Sugarcane juice is the best mode of taking in the very rich properties of the plant. You can even have it daily and achieve the best health for your liver. 

2. Bhringraj


Benefits: Our liver generally is under a lot of load which can laid off with the help of a herb like Bhringraj. The antioxidants present and the anti-inflammatory properties both help in reducing the toxic load. 

How to use: Bhringraj powder is a readily available form of the herb, which can be taken twice a day after light meals for best results. 

3. Bhuiamla


Benefits: Very few herbs have been able to reverse any damage done to the liver and Bhuiamla is one of them. Its antiviral and antioxidant properties are what allow it to protect the liver and manage any disorders. 

How to use: Bhuiamla juice with water is an easy way to have the herb on a daily basis. Best time is to have it before you have your breakfast. 

4. Chirata


Benefits: Antioxidants can protect the liver cells from damage that could be potentially caused by free radicals and Chirata has plenty of them making the herb successful in liver protection.     

How to use: Chop up some Chirata leaves and then soak them in water overnight. The result would be very healthy for the liver. You can strain it in the morning and have the same. 

5. Mulethi/Licorice

Mulethi Licorice

Benefits: Studies have shown that Mulethi can protect your liver from damage while it has also shown great results in treatment of various liver anomalies. The anti-inflammatory properties are good for treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, especially.   

How to use:  You can either chew on the root or use mulethi as an ingredient of tea that you consume daily for best results. 

6. Garlic


Benefits: Even though garlic is a vegetable, its benefits to promote liver health can’t be ignored. The presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties makes it a significant treatment plan. Moreover, the selenium present in it can cleanse the liver.   

How to use: Garlic can be gradually introduced as a part of your diet as many recipes blossom with its addition. It can also be eaten raw at times but best is to induce it into your meals. 

7. Burdock 


Benefits: Burdock is known as a natural detox herb and it can also shield the liver from damage. Studies have shown that it can reduce the harmful effects of toxic substances on the liver.   

How to use: Powder form of the burdock root is available easily while it can also be used as an ingredient for daily tea. 

8. Guduchi/Giloy


Benefits: Giloy has cleansing properties which make it a popular ingredient for ayurvedic medicines. It helps in detoxifying and cleansing the blood while being great for treatment of fatty liver disease, jaundice and hepatitis.   

How to use: Giloy is available in the form of churan which can be taken with water at least twice a day after meals. Although, you should consult your ayurvedic practitioner beforehand. 

9. Triphala


Benefits: Triphala is a combination of amla, bibhitaki and haritaki plants, while being one of the most widely used herbs. It can help improve overall health and metabolism while improving liver health.   

How to use: Triphala is usually available in the form of churan which can be taken every night before going to sleep. 

10. Kutki 


Benefits: Kutki is known for its cooling benefits on the liver and is one of the best herbs in case of liver diseases. It is bitter in taste and can treat jaundice or bile disorders. Overall metabolism can also be improved with its regular consumption.   

How to use: Kutki herb is available in the form of capsules and can be taken after suggestions from your ayurvedic practitioner. 


Q. Can Ayurveda cure liver cirrhosis?

A. If complications haven’t developed, cirrhosis can be controlled with Ayurvedic treatment. 

Q. What herbs or vitamin are good for the liver?

A. Herbs like Bhringraj are great for keeping the liver healthy.

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