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Lecor capsule  are Research & manufactured by M/s Ujwala  ayurvedashram, The  award winning manufacturer.Ujwala ayurvedashram has got 1st prize as BEST ENTERPRENUR OF MAHARASHTRA FOR 2018.

Lecor cap is the best medicine for vitiligo (Lecoderma ). This help to secret  melanin and disappear the white patches. From the beginning of application , size of patches start reducing and black spot developed on white patches. As the application continuous the size of black spot increases and white patches disappear.We deadly recommend lecor oil and livcon capsule with lecor capsule. This combination of three products help to control the development of new patches in 3-4 months. Once the all patches disappear, then they will not reappear again.

Features & Details:- 

  • Help to disappear white patches in vitiligo.
  • This help in melanin secretion(pigmenting agent).
  • Help to Control new appearances of white patches.
  • Once all the white patches disappear , then they will not come back again.

Schedule of doses:-

Lecor capsule – One has to take two cap each time after meal two times a day. Lecor oil- Apply gently on white patches, keep it for one hour(don’t expose for direct sunlight, otherwise blister will form),wash properly with soap. Apply at day time only.Livcon capsule – One has  to take two capsule each time 15-20 min before meal twice a day.

NOTE– This is applicable for men and women both of any age group.


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