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Ujwala ayurvedashram has got 1st prize as BEST ENTERPRENUR OF MAHARASHTRA FOR 2018.

Branocon syrup is a perfect medicine for those people who work under tremendous pressure and those who are having stressful work, mental work or continuous work on computer. This help to reduce tiredness and laziness by improving heart and brain functioning.

Branocon syrup is a superb combination of pure herbal extracts that support the central nervous system thereby improving memory , concentration and the ability to recall, this work as a hormone balancing brain tonic. This help to activate the nervous system boosting brain cell.

Features and Details:-

This is effective brain tonic for children.

Very effective for those who had mental pressure in working.

This help to reduce tiredness and laziness.

This help to improves concentration and remembering power of all age group persons.

This is very good medicine for mental disorders.

Hormone balancing brain tonic.


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